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Sunday, April 5, 2015

Curriculum Vitae

Research Interests
I seek to understand how planetary landscapes evolve. I accomplish this using remote sensing data (mainly visible-wavelength images and laser topography) and with laboratory experiments. My current interests include:
·      Tracking and quantifying sand ripple and sand dune slipface migration on Mars using the HiRISE camera on Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter, on which I am a Collaborator. My aeolian interest extends to Titan, Venus, Earth, and Comet 67P.
·      Mapping paleo-aeolian deposits on Mars to infer past aeolian regimes informed from current aeolian processes.
·      Using low-gravity platforms (e.g., parabolic aircraft flights) for experiments into ejecta emplacement on small solar system bodies.
·      Simulating the granular dynamics and resulting morphology of impact crater ejecta emplacement in a lab setting, applicable to any solid solar system body.
·      Interpretation of geomorphology on Pluto and Charon; I am an affiliate member on the New Horizons Geology and Geophysics Imaging Team. Mars and Pluto are surprising analogs of each other in regards to sublimation-driven geology.
·      Human spaceflight-enabled science; I am a qualified geological spacesuit test subject with NASA/Johnson Space Center’s Crew and Thermal Systems Division. I have also worked in astronaut geology training curriculum development.
·      Crater counting and the surface retention age for the asteroid Gaspra.
·      Structural geology controls on floods and volcanism at the Cerberus Fossae and Athabasca Valles, Mars.

PhD, Planetary Geology, The Johns Hopkins University.
Dissertation title: Aeolian and Impact Crater Ejecta Geomorphology and Dynamics.

Master of Science in Planetary Geology, Temple University. 2011.
Thesis title: Structural Characterization of the Cerberus Fossae and Implications for Paleodischarge of Athabasca Valles, Mars.

Continuing educational credits in geosciences, Western Michigan University, 2008-2009

Bachelor of Arts in Physics; Mathematics minor, Houghton College, 2008

Occupational Experience
Community Service
·      Executive secretary for a NASA grant review panel, 2017
·      Peer-reviewer for planetary science journal Icarus, 2015, 2016.
·      Co-supervisor for undergraduate intern in planetary geology, 2015.
·      Aeolian session chair for the Lunar and Planetary Science Conference aeolian geology session, 2015, 2016.
Human Spaceflight
·      Spacesuit test subject volunteer with NASA/JSC, 2015-present.
·      Test subjects volunteer for NASA’s Human Exploration Research Analog (HERA) program (pending)
·      Spaceflight medical centrifuge test subject with University of Texas Medical Branch and the National Aerospace Training and Research Center (NASTAR), 2016.
·      Executive secretary with the Lunar Exploration Analysis Group Geologic Astronaut Training Special Action Team (GAT-SAT), 2016.
·      Awarded the JHU/Applied Physics Laboratory Graduate Student fellowship for three consecutive years, 2012-present.
·      Competitively won a NASA/JPL student travel grant for the 4th International Planetary Dunes Workshop, 2015.
·      Competitively won multiple internal JHU/Earth and Planetary Sciences department grants for educational travel, 2013-2015.
·      Space policy activist speaking with Congressional staffers in the House of Representatives and the Senate, 2014-present.
·      Science consultant, Mohawk Games: Martian and planetary geologic and spaceflight realism, 2014-present.
·      Taught math and science, lecture and lab: Spring Arbor University, 2008; Temple University, 2009-2011; Holy Family University, 2011-2012.
·      Exploration Intern, Lunar and Planetary Institute, 2011.
·      Scientific literacy and inspiration public speaking engagements to general audiences, 2008-present.

Mission Experience
New Horizons mission to Pluto and the Kuiper Belt, 2014-present.
Geology and Geophysics Imaging group affiliate: I interpret and discuss the photographed geology of Pluto and Charon and have been a co-author on two high profile publications.

Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter/HiRISE Camera at Mars, 2013-present.
Collaborator: I assist in image planning and targeting, participate in science team discussions and telecons, and promote education and public outreach.

Concurrent mission concept design at APL iteratively integrating science and engineering constraints for conceptual robotic missions to Titan, 2013.

Peer-Reviewed Papers
Runyon, K.D., Bridges, N.T., Ayoub, F., Newman, C.E., and Quade, J.J., 2017, An integrated model for dune morphology and sand flux on Mars, Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 457, 204-212, doi:10.1016/j.epsl.2016.09.054.
Moore, J.M. and 40 others (including Runyon, K.), 2016, The Geology of Pluto and Charon through the eyes of New Horizons: Science, 351, 1284-1293, DOI: 10.1126/science.aad7055.
Stern, A.S., and 150 others (including Runyon, K.), 2015, The Pluto system: Initial results from its exploration by New Horizons: Science, 350, 1815-1:1815-8, DOI: 10.1126/science.aad1815.
Lemelin, M., Blair, D.M., Roberts, C.E., Runyon, K.D., Nowka, D., Kring, D.A., 2015, High-priority lunar landing sites for in situ and sample return studies of polar volatiles: Planetary and Space Sciences, 101, 149-161, DOI: 10.1016/j.pss.2014.07.002.

Conference Abstracts (Selected)
Runyon, K.D., Bridgets, N.T., Newman, C.E., 2017, Eroding Dunes? Characterization and implications of Martian sand sheets: 48th LPSC, Abstract # 2187.
Runyon, K.D., S.A. Stern, T.R. Lauer W. Grundy, M.E. Summers, K.N. Singer, 2017, A geophysical planet definition: 48th LPSC, Abstract #1448.
Runyon, K.D., 2016, A successful case study of teaching evolutionary geoscience literacy in a conservative Christian church, GSA, Abstract #282890.
Runyon, K.D., Bridges, N.T., 2016, Morphology and dynamics of a Martian sand sheet, GSA, Abstract #282868.
Runyon, K.D., Barnouin, O.S., 2016, Ejecta Emplacement in the Lab: 47th LPSC, Abstract #1075.
Runyon, K.D., Lisse, C.M., Cheng, A.F., Bridges, N.T., Lewis, K., 2015, Controls on and implications of aeolian geomorphology on comet 67P: 4th International Planetary Dunes Workshop, Boise, ID, Abstract #8037.
Runyon, K.D., Barnouin, O.S., 2015, Gaspra's craters: Implications for production functions and surface processes: 46th LPSC, Abstract #2869.
Runyon, K.D., Bridges, N.T., 2015, Internal boundary layer control for sediment flux in Herschel Crater, Mars: 4th International Planetary Dunes Workshop, Boise, ID, Abstract #8021.
Bridges, N.T., Banks, M.E., Ayoub, F., Silvestro, S., Chojnacki, M.F., Geissler, P.E., Hansen, C.J., Mattson, S.S., Runyon, K.D., Russell, P.S., 2014, Windy Mars: A Record of Bedform Migration and Sand Activity: 8th International Conference on Mars.
Runyon, K.D., Bridges, N.T., Ayoub, F., Mattson, S., 2014, Aeolian Provinces and Activity in Herschel Crater, Mars: 45th LPSC, Abstract #1495.
Runyon, K.D., Barnouin, O.S., 2014, Experimental Ejecta Emplacement: Early Results: 45th LPSC, Abstract #1071
Runyon, K.D., 2013, Terrestrial Meteorites as Preservers of Early Biomarkers: Implications for Selection of Golden Spike Landing Sites: Workshop on Golden Spike Human Lunar Expeditions, Lunar and Planetary Institute, Abstract #6020.
Runyon, K.D., Barnouin, O.S., 2013, Ejecta Emplacement and Regolith Gardening: An Experimental Investigation: 44th LPSC, Abstract #2163.
Barnouin, O.S., Runyon, K.D., Susorney, H., Ernst, C.M., Wada, K., 2012, Experimental Investigation of Ejecta Emplacement, 2012 GSA Annual Meeting, Session No. 202, v. 44, no. 7, p. 482.
Runyon, K.D., Blair, D.M., Lemelin, M., Nowka, D., Roberts, C.E., Paige, D.A., Spudis, P., Kring, D.A., 2012, Volatiles at the Lunar south pole: A case study for a mission to Amundsen crater: 43rd LPSC, Abstract #1619.
Runyon, K.D., Davatzes, A.K., Gulick, V.C., 2012, Putative active brine flows in the Cerberus Fossae, Mars: 43rd LPSC, Abstract #2072.
Roberts, C.E., Blair, D.M., Lemelin, M., Nowka, D., Runyon, K.D., Paige, D.A., Spudis, P.D., Kring, D.A., 2012, The potential for volatiles in the intercrater highlands of the Lunar north pole: 43rd LPSC, Abstract #1371.
Lemelin, M., Roberts, C.E., Blair, D.M., Runyon, K.D., Nowka, D., Paige, D.A., Spudis, P.D., Kring, D.A., 2012, Finding volatiles on the Lunar surface: An innovative multi-source ArcGIS-based approach: 43rd LPSC, Abstract #1067.
Runyon, K.D., Davatzes, A.K., Davatzes, N.C., 2011, Structural characterization of the Cerberus Fossae at the Athabasca Valles source region, Mars: 42nd LPSC, Abstract# 1913.

Oral and Poster presentations: Multiple oral and poster presentations at planetary science conferences and workshops per year.  2011-present

Research Skills
ArcGIS (proficient), GoogleEarth (highly skilled), Small Body Mapping Tool (highly skilled), JMARS (proficient) ENVI (proficient), COSI-Corr (proficient), ISIS (familiar), SOCET SET (familiar).

Matlab (proficient) MS Excel (proficient), IDL (familiar).

Laboratory and Field
Laboratory experiment design, setup, implementation, and cleanup for sedimentary morphodynamics (highly skilled); Field geology and field mapping (proficient).

Adobe Photoshop (highly skilled), Adobe Illustrator (proficient), QuickTime (highly skilled).

·      The Planetary Society, 2003-present.
·      Geological Society of American student member, 2014-2015.
·      Astronauts For Hire associate member, 2011-present.

Invited Talks
“Geology Across the Solar System,” Guest Lecturer, Howard Community College Introductory Astronomy, March 8, 2017.

“Morphology and Dynamics of a Martian Sand Sheet,” Geological Society of America fall conference, October, 2016.

"Planetary Sedimentology: Impact Crater Ejecta Emplacement and Martian Sand Dunes," George Mason University geology colloquium series, January, 2016.

“From Pluto, With Love,” Spring Arbor University science outreach series, August, 2015.

“Physical Modeling of Impact Crater Ejecta Emplacement,” Carnegie Department of Terrestrial Magnetism, Spring, 2013.

“Crustal Permeability of the Cerberus Fossae, Mars,” Houghton College Interdisciplinary Science Seminar, Fall, 2010.